Bioeasy Biotechnology Corporation

Bioeasy is a multinational corporation and global leader of food safety rapid test kit solutions being strongly active in agro-food industry, veterinary diagnostics, drug and public safety solutions and other products. As the global leading supplier of the milk antibiotic residues rapid test (more than 65 worldwide locations) we have the widest ranges of test kits available. We deliver good quality, high accuracy robust and affordable rapid test kit all over the world, at or below EU/Codex MRL regulations, FDA regulations, Russia Custom Union regulations, etc.
Validated by AOAC, ILVO, CECALAIT (France), MPI (NEW ZEALAND). Approved Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Polish Veterinary Research Institute (PIWET). Bioeasy rapid test kit is also the only one company that approved by AQSIQ.
Bioeasy, we dedicated to protect your milk safety, and smooth your business trading all over the world!

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Teco Diagnostics USA


For over 30 years, Teco Diagnostics,USA is an industry leader in the manufacturing of in-vitro diagnostics and medical devices. Teco Diagnostics has developed and manufactured products ranging from urinalysis to clinical chemistry reagents with the commitment of providing the highest quality diagnostic solutions. Teco Diagnostics has more than 30 years of expertise in research and development and new product development.